Smart investing

with a new perspective

Discipline and consistency

Albatris is an investment firm that excels in complex, asset-focused, and income-generating opportunities in markets we perceive as undercapitalized or inefficient. We invest across various financial structures within three main strategies: Asset Backed Credits, Real Assets and Special Situations. Our objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns that are mostly non-correlated with market trends and are well-protected against downturns.

Albatris in numbers

€ 1,5 bn
Asset backed Credits
€ 400 M
+15 Years
Track record

We combine discipline and consistency with an innovative spirit and a readiness to embrace complex investment opportunities, driven by our core values and the missions of our limited partners.


Complex and asset-backed

We put capital at work where it makes impact with creativity and flexibility

At Albatris, we have cultivated an investment philosophy, leveraging what we see as our competitive edge both as an investment manager and a collaborative partner.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in complex assets and the diversity of capital solutions we offer.

Our approach is characterised by a mandate to invest in asset-backed and income-producing opportunities, coupled with consistent investment framework.


Continuing our commitment to ESG

Albatris is dedicated to expanding and deepening its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives throughout the firm.


Governed by seasoned professionals

The Albatris team features seasoned investment management professionals who specialize in asset backed credits  and special situations with a rich history of success in private markets.

Join us

We are always looking for talent

Albatris can only be made great by people. If you value high integrity and find pleasure in relentless pursuit of innovative ways to reach ambitious targets – reach out to us.


We invest in quality assets of the future, today

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